Privacy Policy

Use of, owned by Jemple (UK) Ltd (henceforth referred to as "IBL Builder") is subject to the following privacy policy, which forms part of our terms of use. Changes to this policy may be made without notice. The most current version of this privacy policy will always be viewable at this URL.

1. Personal information you share with IBL Builder, for the purpose of opening or maintaining an account, will at all times be kept absolutely private.

2. We do not store any credit card or payment processing data on our servers. All payment processing is completed using Paypal's IPN processing services. Details entered whilst processing a payment are handled by Paypal.

3. We never share personal details with any third party, other than with our third party payment processing company, Paypal, and then only during the normal process of checking out using Paypal's IPN functionality to process payments for the service used.

4. Cookies are used during provision of the service provided by IBL Builder. Disabling cookies in your browser may render you unable to you use the service as provided.

5. We undertake appropriate measures to ensure that personal data is not accessed by non-authorised individuals. Data access is limited within the company only to individuals who require access to operate, develop or repair the service. Security measures are in place to minimise the risk of unathorised access to our website and servers. You are made aware that at all times, using any web service where personal data is used and stored, that despite security measures existing there is a chance of a non-authorised third party gaining access to that stored data.

Privacy Policy

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